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Designing a Bike for the Perfect Commute

Denny is powered by Intel Edison, a SRAM E-Matic electric assist hub, and you. Designers Matt and John walk us through the latest version, coming soon via bike manufacturer Fuji.
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The Latest in Microcontrollers: 11 Cutting-Edge Boards That Are Driving Diversity

In the last year and a half, we’ve seen an explosion of new boards, and there doesn’t appear to be any reason to expect the trend to slow down in the near future.
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The Surprising Maker Backstory of Intel’s Tiny Edison Computer

From an engineer’s kitchen table to the bright lights of the CES main stage in record time.
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Edidoom: Intel Edison Running Doom

Proving that the Intel Edison is really a full Pentium-class PC, Lutz has successfully ported Doom to the tiny board. For those who aren’t quite as old as I am and are unfamiliar with the classic title, Doom literally blew away gamers in 1993 wit…

Nixie the Wearable Selfie Drone Delights Crowd at CES 2015

Moving from concept to reality, the small wristband drone dazzled the CES crowd and tech community.Read more on MAKE

Anouk’s New Creation: The Spider Dress 2.0

Inspired by the territorial displays of arachnids, the Spider Dress 2.0 by designer and electronic wearables artist Anouk Wipprecht is a mechatronic dress that uses biosignals and learned threat detection to defend the wearer’s personal space. Mechan…

Unboxing Intel Edison

Intel Developer Forum is underway right now at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. At yesterday’s kickoff, it was clear that Intel sees a lot of potential in Edison, its brand new Linux-based system-on-module, which was originally announced at C…

Edison: A Peek Into the Design of The Robot Anyone Can Afford

Electronics and playing LEGO have always been passions of mine. As a child I had a monster collection of LEGO and drooled over my ‘Dick Smith Electronics’ catalogue filled electronics parts and kits (Australian version of Radio Shack/Tandy). As I e…

Intel Edison: A Computer in an SD Card

Introducing Intel’s Edison: a new single board computer. Read more on MAKE