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A Closer Look at CubeJet’s Flexible, Full Color Powder Printing

At CES, I was able to take a video of the CubeJet, a flexible, full color printer. So far, the other full color 3D printing options are the Mcor Iris and the ZPrinter. Read more on MAKE

The State of 3D Printing and Scanning After CES 2014: The Push For Mainstreaming Begins

The movement to mainstream 3D printing is aggressively pursuing a sea change that replaces “experimental” with “easy”. Read more on MAKE

MAKE Editors’ Highlights and Picks from CES 2014

This week at CES 2014 we saw a lot of the typical fare: televisions, tablets, cameras, and phones. But we also saw robots, 3D printers and scanners, drones, and even some hardware development boards. Here’s some of our favorites.Read more on MAKE

Catching Up With Pirate3D On Life After Kickstarter

I met up with Pirate3D, the makers of the Buccaneer 3D printer, to hear more about the status of their company after their phenomenally successful Kickstarter which raised $1,438,765. I learned that they will shipping the first batch of Kickstarted…

MOSS Helps You Build Bots with Blocks

Last year at CES, I got my first hands on with Cubelets by Modular Robotics. This year, they’re back with the more advanced MOSS Robot Construction System.Read more on MAKE

Geeks in Line Getting Coffee: Arduino’s Massimo Banzi

Watch the co-founder of Arduino and MAKE executive editor Mike Senese defend their spot in line while discussing all the makery things about CES 2014.Read more on MAKE

From Prototype to Product with the BeagleBone Black

A group of students from The University of California, San Diego created a motor control shield for the BeagleBone Black. The shield can be used in projects like self-balancing vehicles drones, or robots. Read more on MAKE

Making Is Mainstream: Sam Jacoby of FormLabs at CES 2014

On the floor of CES 2014, I had to opportunity to speak with Sam Jacoby of FormLabs about their Form1 SLA 3D printer, the updates to their PreForm software and got his take on “Is making going mainstream?”. For more on the Form1 check out…

DWS Labs Discusses XFAB SLA Printer and Flexible Materials

At CES 2014, I ran into the DWS Labs team who gave me an overview of their XFAB SLA printer. It can print in an exciting range of 9 different materials: standard acrylate amber, ABS-like grey, ABS-like white, polypropylene-like, rigid opaque grey, tran…

Clement Moreau on Sculpteo’s Launch of Batch Control

I caught up with Clement Moreau, Sculpteo’s CEO and founder, to learn more about the addition of “Batch Control” to their 3D Printing Cloud Engine, announced at CES 2014. Batch Control allows users of Sculpteo’s 3D printing serv…