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Category: CES 2014

Robotics | IoT

CES Offers a Glimpse of the Future Connected Home

At this year’s CES, I saw a future where having a network of connected devices in the home will be as normal as having an email address. Read more on MAKE

3D Systems Breaks the Mold: Sugar, Chocolate, Ceramic, and Full-Color Powder 3D Printing On Your Desktop

With today’s announcements, 3D Systems takes the lead in innovative desktop prosumer 3D Printing. Yesterday we covered their announcement of two new FDM printers, the Cube 3 and CubePro. This morning they completely redefined what’s possibl…

With Three New Printers MakerBot Has a Size for Everyone

The MakerBot family just got three new siblings, and one of them promises gargantuan prints.Read more on MAKE

Here Come the Cubes!

3D Systems has been busy. In early December they announced their acquisition of Village Plastics Co., a leading manufacturer of filament-based ABS, PLA and HIPS and last week they acquired Gentle Giant Studios, with a vast library of digital content…

Hacking the CES Scavenger Hunt

It has just been announced that the this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will feature a promotional scavenger hunt based around Apple’s iBeacon technology. Hypothetically speaking, what if you could win the hunt, without ever having to go to CES…

Reverse Engineering the Estimote

It’s actually fairly hard to get your hands on an Estimote developer preview kit—as its still shipping in limited numbers—but I managed to get one of the early developer kits and, predictably, took one of the beacons apart.Read more on MAKE