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Sea Creatures Inspire Bottle Design

Inspired by diatoms and radiolarians, a new bottle used biomimicry as a basis for its new design.Read more on MAKE

A Toolkit for Learning About Biomimicry

Explore the lectures, videos, exercises, case studies, and other resources included in the toolkit.Read more on MAKE

Four Student-Designed, Nature-Inspired Transportation Solutions

102 university teams from around entered the Biomimicry Student Design Challenge.Read more on MAKE

Taking a Pounding: How Woodpeckers Avoid Concussions

Woodpecker adaptations can inspire designs that prevent impact and vibration damage.Read more on MAKE

What Can Makers Learn from Dragonfly Sex?

Nature is a rich source of inspiration for how to attach two things together. From dragonfly heads, to ivy on walls, to cockleburs on fur, nature has been doing it for millennia, and can teach us some new tricks.Read more on MAKE

Staying Warm: Learning From Nature’s Strategies

Biomimicry takes lessons from nature and applies them to create more sustainable and innovative designs. Explore a set of themed strategies on AskNature.org that focuses on the function of staying warm. Meet emperor penguins, polar bears, Hercules beet…