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The Ethics of Organoids: Scientists Weigh in on New Mini-Organs

Growing organs in the lab is an enduring sci-fi trope, but as stem cell technology brings it ever closer to reality, scientists are beginning to contemplate the ethics governing disembodied human tissue. So-called organoids have now been created from gut, kidney, pancreas, liver and even brain tissue. Growing these mini-organs has been made possible by advances […]

Bioprinting Is One Step Closer to Making a Human Kidney

Bioprinting has been all over the news in the past several years with headline-worthy breakthroughs like printed human skin, synthetic bones, and even a fully functional mouse thyroid gland. 3D printing paved the way for bioprinting thanks to the printers’ unique ability to recreate human tissue structures; their software can be written to ‘stack’ cells in precise patterns as directed by a digital model, and they can produce tissue in just hours and make numerous identical samples. Despite… read more

Printable Organs Are Closer Than Ever Thanks to Three Bioprinting Breakthroughs

Over the next few weeks, while browsing cuties on the dating app, Tinder, you may find an image of a celebrity with an ‘organ donor’ icon next to their photo…. read more
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Robots, Bioprinting, and the Future of Food [Video]

Emerging technologies are shaking up how we grow food, distribute it, and even what we’re eating. We are seemingly on the cusp of a food revolution and undoubtedly, technologies including artificial intelligence will play a… read more

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L’Oreal Goes After 3D Printed Human Skin to Test Beauty Products

In Lyon, France, cosmetics company L’Oreal is growing human skin. Each year, some 60 scientists cultivate 100,000 paper-thin skin samples in nine varieties simulating different ages and ethnicities—and then they… read more

Feeding Tomorrow’s Billions: Bioprinted Meat, Vertical Farms, AI-Designed Recipes, and More

Food and agriculture accounts for about 5.9% of the global GDP. Global food retail sales alone account for about $4 trillion/year, and food accounts for 15% of what American households spend… read more

AMRI Bioprinting: Integrating Makers, and Scientists

Jordan Miller, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Rice University, shares how the Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute (AMRI) is providing a scientific framework for a bioprinting partnership by collaborating with the 3D printing, DIY bio, a…