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5th Grader Kickstarts Aerial Photo Rig for Science Fair

When 11-year old Audrey Hale found a copy of MAKE: Vol. 24 and decided she wanted to recreate the helium balloon-lofted aerial photography rig for her school science fair project, her mom Laurel told her the materials weren’t in their budget. Undeter…

Journey To The Edge Of Space: Take The Global Space Balloon Challenge

Registration for this year’s Global Space Balloon Challenge has just opened. Do you have what it takes to send a payload into near-space using a high-altitude balloon? Read more on MAKE

Family Fun: NYE Balloon Countdown

If you’re ringing in the New Year with kids at home, you may want to try this awesome balloon countdown idea from Elena at Craftibilities. It will take some planning ahead of time to gather up all the materials, but should prove for a very fun f…

Ice Balloon Sculptures

Create beautiful ice sculptures with water balloons while the weather is right.Read more on MAKE