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How NASA Will Use Robots to Create Rocket Fuel From Martian Soil

Engineers are building a prototype of a robotic factory that will create water, oxygen, and fuel on the surface of Mars

Can the U.S. Military Combat the Coming Swarm of Weaponized Drones?

The U.S. Army will have to dramatically change its timeframes to deal with drones, study says

Photovoltaics in Satellites

The first satellite powered by the sun was sent into orbit 50 years ago this month. Photovoltaics have progressed much since then, but the progress has been slower than many people realize

Zipline Expands Its Medical Delivery Drones Across East Africa

Doctors order by app and wait for medical supplies to drop from the sky

Cargo Industry Tests Seaplane Drones to Deliver Freight

Startup Natilus’s prototype aims to complete its first water trials, with flight tests to follow

Marines Plan New Test Flights for Battlefield Delivery Drones

The U.S. military awarded the Yates Electrospace Corporation a new flight test contract for disposable delivery drones

This Hybrid Electric Jet is Preparing for Takeoff in 2022

Zunum Aero plans to make regional flight service cheaper, faster, and greener with its 12-seater hyrid jet

Satellite Radar “Sees” Invisible Changes in Groundwater Levels

By monitoring elevation changes of just a few millimeters, scientists can estimate groundwater levels below

HAX and Airbus Want to Help You Build Your Flying Car Company

New accelerator program seeks entrepreneurs who dream of flying machines

Laser Weapons Not Yet Ready for Missile Defense

Prototype laser weapons can zap drones from the sky. But they won’t protect the U.S. from North Korean nuclear missiles