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Category: Deltabot

Robotics | IoT

Orchestra of Obedient Deltabots Sways at Your Command

“Robot Army” installation glows in the dark, responds to gestures via Kinect.Read more on MAKE

Adorable Hopping ‘Bot Turns Delta Kinematics Upside Down

Nimble design by Pixar technical character director has parallel linkage legs.Read more on MAKE

CNC Machining Contest Winner: Viva La Four Axis Delta Router!

A four axis deltabot style milling machine built around creative constraints and run on standard 3D printer hardware takes top honors in our CNC Machining Week contest. Read more on MAKE

New Review: OpenBeam Mini Kossel

The first deltabot in our tests printed well but it’s still a machine for the hands-on tinkerer.Read more on MAKE