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littleBits Releases MIDI and USB I/O Modules, Connects Analog and Digital Instruments

LittleBits, purveyors of the simple-to-use electronic components with magnetic connectors, is releasing some brand new bits to expand its music capabilities: a MIDI module, a USB I/O module, and a CV module. Musical makers now have the ability to conn…

littleBits Synth Kit Makes Every Kid Into a Musical Experimenter

littleBits’ Synth Kit it’s a series of open-source synthesizer modules, co-designed with synth legends Korg. In short, it lets kids experiment with electronic music.Read more on MAKE

Let’s Make Some Noise

Ray Wilson has been interested in analog synthesizers since the first time he heard “Switched On Bach” back in 1968. After working at U.S. Steel, Intec Systems, Siemens Pacesetter, and Telectronics, he now runs his popular web site Music From Outer Spa…