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Get Familiar with the 555 Timer

Adafruit just published a great guide on getting to know the 555 timer to help people fully understand how a 555 timer works.
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How to “Decap” and Explore ICs

What do you find when you remove the plastic packages protecting ICs?

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Create a Squeezable Musical Instrument With Tin Foil & Grocery Bags

This tin foil instrument can control a 555 timer and add interesting audio effects based on the principle of capacitance.
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New Project: Build Sensors for Squirt Gun “Laser” Tag

Everyone loves water gun fights in the summer. But you can always make something better by adding electronics to it. So I designed a set of water sensors and buzzers that will beep when they are hit with the spray of a water gun. This lets you play a g…

New Project: Adjustable Control Circuit for Heating Elements

Most soldering irons are either on or off; it would be much more useful if you were able to change the temperature of the iron. So I designed a simple control circuit that will let you adjust the output of a heating element.
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New Project: Sensor-Triggered Toy Race Car Timer

Racing toy cars, like Pinewood Derby or CO2 dragsters, is a lot of fun. But if you want to compare the results of multiple races, you need be able to accurately record the finishing times of each one. To do this, I designed a timer circuit that will au…

Sit on This, Geeks: Giant 555 Timer

The 555-timer integrated circuit is one of the most famous and popular chips ever invented. Created in 1971, it’s got a near cult following with books, blogs, newsletters, and devoted fans even today. That’s why Imgur user “surfaceten…

New Project: Light2Sound LDR Synth

Build a light theremin into a musical noisemaker with Weekend Projects. This project combines a 555 timer, light-dependent resistor, LED, speaker, and some basic components into a battery-powered synth that’s easy to assemble and fun to play.Read more …

New Project: Light Doorbell

I modified a wireless doorbell system to turn on a light in addition to playing a tone.Read more on MAKE

A Motor Controller for Your Next Project. What Will it Be?

An all-in-one motor controller for your next project. Great for robots, stir plates, or even lighting control systems. What ideas do you have in mind?Read more on MAKE