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Maker Spotlight: Andrew Moy

“[Beer making] is a craft that has been around since the Egyptians, and we’re still doing and perfecting it and making better beer everyday.”
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New Project: How to Etch Permanent Volume Markings on a Kettle

This hack is easy and safe — use a 9V battery, vinegar, and salt to permanently etch designs on pots, pans, or any other metal surface you’d like to mark.Read more on MAKE

Cider Makers Battle: It’s On Like Diddy Kong

This weekend in sunny Kent, England, it’s an epic battle of traditional cider pressing versus modern juicing machines. Muscle versus motor. “Slow food” versus labor-saving device. Who’ll make the most cider? The best cider? Only one way to find…

Homebrewing and Arduino: the perfect recipe

One of the common past times in the home-brewing community is the self-building and DIY of the equipment need for beer production in all steps. All that needs is some added Arduino.Read more on MAKE

New Project: KegDuino – Arduino meets Kegerator

The goal of this project is to provide a simple, cost-effective DIY solution to awesome Kegs! Read more on MAKE

The Prohibition Kit

Designed Francesco Morackini, the Prohibition kit is composed of four perfectly legal items: a watering can, a fondue stove, a cooking pot and a fruit bowl. But once combined together, you create a still to produce your own homemade schnaps.Read more o…

Maker Faire New York: Brewing as Art

Mark Zappasodi and Scott Van Campen are neighborhood friends from Staten Island. Zappsasodi is a home brewer and Van Campen is a metalworker and artist. Over a couple of beers, they brewed up an idea.