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The $15 PINE64 Just Launched on Kickstarter, and it’s Already Funded

The PINE64 board is a $15 quad-core 64-bit 1.2GHz computer with 512MB of RAM, which is quite a bit of power at a very low price.
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Esquilo and the Internet of Things

There seems to be a new microcontroller board most days, and they all try and sell themselves on simplifying development for the Internet of Things. But the Esquilo may actually stand a chance of doing it.
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First Look: Tessel 2 Embeds Node.js in Your Project for 35 Bucks

Earlier today Technical Machine, the people behind the Javscript-driven Tessel, released the Tessel 2 their next generation board.Read more on MAKE

A new micro-controller board at the Saint Malo Mini-Maker Faire

Uroš Petrevski and Draško Drašković, two makers from Paris, used the Saint Malo mini-Maker Faire to unveiled a new board, the WeIO.Read more on MAKE