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Why You Should Work at a Startup

Startup communities are cropping up all over the world. Global News called 2014 ‘The Year of Startup Communities’. Almost every day, a new accelerator program is announced. We prefer the announcements and results coming out of existing ac…

5 Keys to Keeping Your Developers Happy

“Developers! Developers! Developers!”
Steve Ballmer made this chant infamous, but the fact remains that developers are the lifeblood of software companies. This is especially true for web startups, where a good developer can be the difference betw…

Improve Your Management Standards and Surpass the Growing Economy

The UK economy is predicted to grow by 2.2% in 2014, and the Service sector looks like it will be the top performer. Good news perhaps, but now is certainly not the time for any business to be complacent. Whatever … Read More

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5 Ways to Eat The “Elephants In The Room”

Dealing with organizational conflict bites.
From time to time, every company faces big, lumbering “elephant in the room” type topics, and the best leaders know how to find and address them. Too often, we create business cultures that cause…

How to Create Employee Loyalty in Your Business

Finding skilled workers is one of the biggest challenges facing small business owners and human resource supervisors today, according to a recent poll by Robert Half.
The average cost of recruiting a new employee for U.S. businesses is $3,479,…