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Robotics | IoT

Raspberry Pi-Powered BMO Brings Adventure Time To Life

So many Adventure Time fans wish that they could have their own personal BMO, a quirky living game system from the show. If you’re not yet familiar, watch the video below, it will give you a quick taste of BMO’s role. Obviously based on th…

Speak & Spell Meets Adventure Time

GetLoFi’s TDOMF_30B65 built his Adventure Time synth module out of a circuit-bent Speak & Spell with a design based on the builder’s kids’ favorite cartoon.Read more on MAKE

Lego Adventure Time BMO Features a RasPi

This spot-on recreation of Adventure Time’s BMO character is the work of Michael Thomas. It features a RasPi Model B running a 2.5″ TFT display.Read more on MAKE