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From Kickstarter to Collaboration, Taking Urban Biking to the Next Level

A loose consortium of bike-tech Kickstarter startups is collaborating to negotiate the crowdfunding valley of death.
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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering an Accelerator Program

Use these tips to decide whether you’re ready for an accelerator and find the right one to boost your startup.
Despite the runaway success of Y Combinator darlings like Dropbox, Reddit, and Airbnb, accelerators aren’t all magical fountains of star…

Where Are They Now? CNC Mill Edition

The landscape among new desktop CNC mills is vibrant and the tools are continually improving. Here are five of the most popular, with details on how they have updated their hardware, software, business plans, or personnel.Read more on MAKE

DreamIt Ventures vs. Startup Chile

If you have just founded your startup, the option to apply to an accelerator has probably crossed your mind. I can confirm first hand that being part of one of these programs can have a real impact over the outcome … Read More
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Navigating The Technology Accelerator Landscape – How Do You Decide Which One Is Right For You?

Technology is increasingly everywhere – changing the way people communicate, work, play and do business. Along with the rapid growth of technology and startup companies trying to solve problems with innovative technology solutions, we’ve seen the g…

How to go From Prototype to Pro

Learn from innovators and incubators how to move your product from early stage conception, get it made, and get it to market.Read more on MAKE