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Self-Driving R/C Car Parks Itself Just Like a Lexus

Self-driving cars are in the news almost daily, but they are not exactly in my automotive budget for this decade. Today, that has changed. While this car might be smaller and not capable of giving me a ride, it’s still autonomous and, best of al…

Biometric Golf Cart Security System

If you live in an area where golf carts are used to get around like Youtuber “ramicaza,” you might consider carrying a key around for your golf cart a hassle. I suppose one could simply install a switch instead of the key to start the vehic…

Building an Arduino out of Paper

Following in the footsteps of the original Paperduino—and the Paperduino Leonardo—comes the Paperduino Tiny. Read more on MAKE

The TinyLoadr Shield Programs AVRs From Your Arduino

Turn your Arduino into an AVR programmer with the TinyLoadr Shield! Jeff Murchison’s shield makes shrinking Arduino projects easier and more efficient.Read more on MAKE