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Staying Human in the Machine Age: An Interview with Douglas Rushkoff

At the dawn of the internet Douglas Rushkoff wrote the book Cyberia: Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace. A whirlwind tour through the lens of various web subcultures, Cyberia lay the philosophical foundation for the internet as an opportunity for a new…

Welcome to the Maker Age: Douglas Rushkoff at Maker Faire New York

One of my favorite experiences at Maker Faire New York this past September was listening to Douglas Rushkoff’s big picture analysis of where the maker movement may be taking us. Rushkoff, author of the recently published Present Shock: When Everything …

Seismic Shifts: Dark Ages, Industrial age, and now…the Maker Age?

At the ground level, the maker movement is empowering people in garages and makerspaces to hack, tinker, and share technology to suit their needs rather than wait for others to make it for us. But collectively, the maker movement has set something much…