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Bots_alive Upgrades Your Average Robot into an Electronic Pet

take a store bought hexbug and give it new intelligence
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Man Dies in Collision While Being Driven by Tesla’s Autopilot System

A Tesla blog post describes the first fatality involving a self-drive system. A Tesla was driving on autopilot down a divided highway. A truck taking a left turn off the highway crossed into the Tesla’s lane perpendicular to the car. A white truck body against a bright sky is not something the camera system in the Tesla perceives well. The truck’s clearance was high, so when the Tesla did not stop, it went under the truck and the windshield… read more

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through April 30)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Inside OpenAI, Elon Musk’s Wild Plan to Set Artificial Intelligence Free Cade Metz | WIRED “In the rarefied world of AI research, the brightest minds aren’t driven by—or at least not only by—the next product cycle or profit margin. They want to make AI better, and making AI better doesn’t happen when you keep your latest findings to yourself.” ROBOTICS: When a Robot Kills, Is It Murder or Product Liability? Ryan Calo | Slate “There is a fundamental similarity between the question of whether a robot can be responsible and the question of whether a robot should enjoy rights…We wouldn’t say… read more

The Last Frontiers of AI: Can Scientists Design Creativity and Self-Awareness?

Is creativity a uniquely human trait? What about self-awareness or intuition? Defining the line between human and machine is becoming blurrier by the day as startups, big companies, and research institutions all compete to build the next generation of advanced AI. This arms race is bringing a new era of AI that won’t prove its power by mastering human games, but by independently exhibiting ingenuity and creativity. Sophisticated AI is undertaking increasingly complex tasks like stock market predictions, research synthesis, political speech writing—don’t worry, this article was still written by a human—and companies are beginning to pair deep learning with… read more

Drones Have Reached a Tipping Point—Here’s What Happens Next

Unexpected convergent consequences…this is what happens when eight different exponential technologies all explode onto the scene at once. This post (four of seven) is a look at drones. Future posts will look at other tech areas, and be sure to read the first three posts if you haven’t already: When the World Is Wired: The Magic of the Internet of Everything Where Artificial Intelligence Is Now and What’s Just Around the Corner The Near Future of VR and AR: What You Need to Know An expert might be reasonably good at predicting the growth of a single exponential technology (e.g., 3D printing), but try to… read more

How Long Until We Can Build R2-D2 and C-3PO?

The Star Wars universe is full of droids. Everywhere you turn, there are medical droids, exploration droids, labor droids, pilot droids, even battle droids. They carry out clearly defined tasks,… read more

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Primed to Beat You at Where’s Waldo

By their second birthday, children are learning the names of things. What’s this? Cat. And this? Whale. Very good. What’s this color? Red! That’s right. You love red. The human brain… read more

Robot ‘Iron Chef’ Sharpens Skills With YouTube Cooking Videos

If robots and AI are our technological children (and of course they are!), what’s the best way to teach them about the world? Why, the internet, of course. Using the popular deep… read more

Making Fun: Color-Hunting, Christmas Tree-Controlling CheerBot

I built a robot that controls the my Christmas lights and Christmas lights around the world by roaming my house looking for colors and tweeting them to the Cheerlights service. Read more on MAKE

Making Fun: Computer Vision Hair Trimmer

Part of what makes me a maker is that I prefer to do things myself when I can, including cutting my own hair. The tricky part, though, is cutting a good line across the back of the neck. I set out to build a trimmer that I could blindly run up and down…