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Chisels to Genes: How We’ll Soon Grow What We Used to Build

“At the end of the day, as a society, we need to stop manufacturing everything and grow everything.”   — Jason Kelly, Founder of Gingko Bioworks Most people would agree we still have much to learn from nature. Nature is vastly more efficient at recycling and reusing matter than humans have been. The whole field and study of biomimicry is built on emulating nature’s principles of form fitting function. But we’ve also begun moving in… read more

Goodyear’s Awesome New Spherical Tire Design For Autonomous Cars

What will the cars of the future be like? It’s fun to imagine how new technologies and design trends will influence future cars. Car bodies of the future might be completely 3D printed. They may be completely autonomous — and now, they might have multi-directional spherical tires. Goodyear’s new “Eagle-360” spherical tire concept, recently unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show, would allow cars of the future to move in all directions by using magnetic levitation, rather than axles, to suspend the tires under the car body. While this is still firmly a concept, it seems Goodyear just got a bit… read more

Science Fiction’s Greatest Power? Inspiring Us to Build the Future

Science fiction’s visions of the future can appear more fantasy than fact. Sometimes books and movies are unnerving, other times they’re way off. Although sci-fi isn’t always right, it does something… read more

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BioBrainstorming: A Biomimicry Tool

Biomimicry finds models in nature–organisms and ecosystems–that are doing what we want our designs to do. BioBrainstorming is a technique for quickly finding lots of potential models. It involves first asking the right question, based on function, th…

Sea Creatures Inspire Bottle Design

Inspired by diatoms and radiolarians, a new bottle used biomimicry as a basis for its new design.Read more on MAKE

Life’s Lessons From the Maker’s Bill of Rights

The Maker’s Bill of Rights, a manifesto is largely about creating a resilient, open, and cooperative system—and that’s how life works, too.Read more on MAKE

A Toolkit for Learning About Biomimicry

Explore the lectures, videos, exercises, case studies, and other resources included in the toolkit.Read more on MAKE

New Project: Festo Fin Gripper

Note: This fun project is provided by Festo as part of their appearance for Maker Camp 2014. Make yourself a gripper that is based on a fish’s tailfin! There is a lot to be discovered in nature. We can learn quite a bit from plants and animals. Left…

Taking a Pounding: How Woodpeckers Avoid Concussions

Woodpecker adaptations can inspire designs that prevent impact and vibration damage.Read more on MAKE

Groasis Waterboxx: Greening the World

Inspired by nature, AquaPro used biomimicry to design the Groasis technology using the Waterboxx to allow plantings in difficult areas. Founder and inventor Pieter Hoff mimicked how animal droppings give plants a head start. His company has used the Gr…