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New Project: Create a Custom Mini Chalkboard

This mini chalkboard is the perfect size to carry and scribble notes as needed. Make this in an afternoon and decorate however you’d like.
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2 Ways to Organize Your Life with Repurposed Windows

To the right kind of maker, charming old wood-frame windows can be a downright irresistible flea market or roadside find. There’s just something about them that begs to be rescued and turned into something awesome. And, since they’re not ge…

The ChalkJET Writing Machine

“Way back” in 2009, students in the UC Berkley “ME 102″ class came up with this excellent automatic chalk-spraying machine. It uses 8 cans of spray-chalk to spray the message of your choosing onto the sidewalk or street as you p…

Giant Spirograph Makes Mathematically Perfect Chalk Drawings On The Street

After struggling to use a little laser-cut spirograph, Nathan of HaHa Bird decided that the problem was scale-related and resolved to remedy the situation by building a massive version to use on the street, and it worked!Read more on MAKE

What IF…Festival of Innovation and Imagination

What IF… Festival: Don’t miss the geeky gadgets, DIY demos, cool experiments, new technologies, hands-on learning, and live performances! September 7th, 10am-4pm in Colorado Springs, CO.Read more on MAKE