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Emerging Markets Lead the Way to Cheapest-Ever Solar Energy

Energy experts have long predicted we’d eventually shift from fossil fuels to clean energy. They were right, but there have been a few surprises along the way. The shift is happening faster than anyone thought it would, particularly in solar energy. Solar is now the cheapest form of new electricity there is. And an unexpected […]

This Is How the World’s Poor Are Pioneering the Future of Energy

What if it took you four hours a day to cook all your meals because, in addition to cooking, you also had to search for firewood? What if you could only work and study during the day because you had no light at night? What if when you went to the emerg…

Six Technologies That Hit Their Tipping Points in 2015

To the average person, it may seem that the biggest technology advances of 2015 were the larger smartphone screens and small app updates. But a lot more happened than that…. read more
The post Six Technologies That Hit Their Tipping Points in 2015 a…

Apollo’s Gift: Install Solar, Get a Free Car

A rooftop solar system can generate enough energy to zero out your home electricity bill. But it can also generate enough savings to buy you a new car with free fuel every three years for life.
First, some caveats: … Read More
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The Big Energy Picture In The US

  Have you ever wondered where we get our energy in the United States and how we use it?
Or how large an impact coal makes compared to wind power and solar energy? Or whether cars and trucks … Read More
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