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Fully Functional Game Boy Mini Fridge Is All Your Dorm Needs

This is the “coolest” Game Boy build we’ve seen in a while. Why? It’s built into the front of a mini fridge!
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10 More Nifty Dorm Room Ideas

Last week, we resurfaced “Top Ten Dorm Room Hacks,” an updated post from a few years back of some great connected home, lighting, and furniture projects that would be perfect for maker-minded students living in dorms (or off-campus housing)…

New Project: Mini Fridge Soda Fountain

Build your own personal soda fountain that will refill your drink from across the room.Read more on MAKE

Turn any 1 bedroom into a 2 bedroom for $300

One renter out of Silicon Valley, California, refuses to pay the inflated rates for two-bedroom apartments, so he rents one-bedroom apartments and converts them into two beds himself without the owner ever knowing. For $300, you’ll never have to pay …

7 Residence Hall Hacks for Improving Dorm Life

We’ve rounded up a few fun DIY projects to enhance dorm life, ensuring your semesters are a bit more fun or geeky.Read more on MAKE