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Getting Started with Sprout by HP

Sprout by HP is far from your average desktop PC. It’s a way to merge the physical world that we live in with the digital world that we work in. With new ways to bring physical objects into the digital workspace, Sprout is poised to change the way th…

Fuel3D: 3D Scanning In 1/10th Of A Second

One of the biggest problems with getting a good 3D scan is keeping your target still through the entire process. Fuel3D is trying to eliminate this with their new SCANIFY 3D scanner. Fuel3D is promising full color, high resolution 3D scans in 1/10th of…

Geodesic Dome Studded With Cameras to 3D-Scan Anything Inside

35 Raspberry Pi SBCs and 35 cameras to capture simultaneous all-around images.Read more on MAKE

Hands On: Project Tango, Google’s 3D-Scanning Phone for Makers

How does the new room-mapping phone stack up against industrial scanners? We get our hands on one to find out.Read more on MAKE

Replicating Ancient African Hominoid Fossils

The African Fossils virtual laboratory website is a digital archeology project that seeks to increase public knowledge about prehistory by harnessing Autodesk 3D scanning technology. Recently, they wrote MAKE to tell us about their updated, newly re-la…

The Duality of the Physical and Digital Worlds

With easy-to-use 3D printers and 3D software, we’ve come a long way in giving everyone the tools to create with confidence. Yet for most people one piece was still missing: the ability to bring physical objects into the digital world and to complete …

MAKE Day Two at Engadget Expand

Yesterday at Engadget Expand we got a change to cover the newly announced Sense 3D Scanner, the best practices of crowd funding, and watched as two teams battled in our Raspberry Pi Make: Off. Today we catch up with MAKE’s digital fabrications ed…

MakerBot Demonstrates the Digitizer 3D Scanner

MakerBot Industries today demonstrated their new 3D scanner, the Digitizer, in a press event at their Brooklyn headquarters.Read more on MAKE

3D-Body Scanning With Joey Hudy

Joey Hudy returns to Maker Faire to present his senior project at ASU-HYSA: a full-body 3D scanner. It works by rotating a person on a small wooden platform while a stepper motor raises and lowers a PrimeSense kinect clone so it can scan your entire bo…

MakerBot 3D Scanner Going Live

Subscribers to the MakerBot mailing list were tantalized by a brief product teaser advertising the MakerBot Digitizer, a new and very polished-looking 3D scanner that creates 3D design files of small objects. All you do is place the item on the scanner…