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Case Knives and the Hands That Make

Our hands are the ultimate tools. We have used them to build empires and civilizations, and rebuild them time and time again when they fell. We bake cakes with them, saw wood with them, and write code to launch people into space with them. No one under…

This “Camera Restricta” Stops You from Taking Lame Photos

A prototype iPhone accessory prevents you from taking predictable, touristy photos by locking down the shutter when it detects that you’re standing in a commonly photographed area.
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New Project: Part 2: Build a Stand for the Upcycled Pinball Clock

This project preserves some electro-mechanical pinball history by showcasing a pinball clock in an open-style wooden case.
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3D Printed Raspberry Pi Case Pays Homage to Classic NES Console

The NinTastic case for Raspberry Pi is inspired by the classic game console, Nintendo Entertainment System. If you need a case for your Pi-based MAME project, this one is a clear winner.Read more on MAKE

Sick of Your Phone’s Case Giving You Lip? Put a Cork in It

One of the advantages of the iPhone 3 over later models was its bowing sides, which allowed cases to fit snugly without needing to come up over the bezel. If you appreciated Jimmy Diresta’s shop-proofed phone case, odds are you’re going to like what …

Contest: Redesign the Modern Guitar Case

Fender Guitars is launching a contest to redesign their cases for the modern era.Read more on MAKE