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Robotics | IoT

Hack These Cool Off-the-Shelf Toys into Robots

There’s a long tradition of hacking toys to make robots. Why settle for what some manufacturer designed? Add a microcontroller to an R/C car and you have an instant self stopping robot car. Stick some RFID electronics in a teddy bear and suddenly…

Sneak Peek: Nerf Combat Creatures!

What does it take to get your idea for an awesome toy into the hands of an actual toy company that can produce and distribute it? For Jaimie Mantzel, it took a lot of work, a lot of travel, and not a little bit of luck. The Nerf Combat Creatures Attack…

I Need a Spider Tank Robot Kit

There are so many crowd sourced projects out there. How do you decide which ones to back?  Now I have an answer for you. You should back this Kickstarter for The Greatest Toy Kit in the Universe! Spider Tank Mark 6. The reason you should back it is t…