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When Welding Beads Reach Artistic Heights

The website TwistedSifter posted a gallery of pipe welder Scott Raabe’s handiwork that you have to see to believe. Here’s what TwistedSifter had to say: Scott Raabe is a Texas-based welder with nearly a decade of professional welding experi…

Don’t Call it a Dumbwatch: The Spectacular Craftsmanship of Philippe Dufour

Why does the mechanical wristwatch persist when everyone’s got a timekeeper in their pocket?Read more on MAKE

My Quest to Turn Smart Craft into a Sustainable Business

I launched my Indiegogo campaign on Jan. 19 to help finance my growth as an independent artist. My modest crowdfunding goal is $1,000. My stretch goal is $120k, which would put me on a solid footing. This will be the seventh marketing strategy I’ve p…

Making and Craftsmanship: Finding the Hidden Mickey

I think it’s a very safe argument to make that the Craftsman movement in the early 20th century was something of a progenitor for our current Maker Movement, in that it was a reaction to the excesses of overwrought Victorian design, it sought to bring …