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Get Hands-on With the Nvidia Jetson TX2 Developer Kit at GTC 2017

GTC is held specifically to help GPU developers connect, learn, discover, and innovate. It is quite the opportunity.
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Facebook Blamed for Trump, Alibaba Hits $15 Billion in a Day, Trump Surveillance Fears

This Week in Tech:   Facebook Spends the Week Defending Fake News and Denying Blame for Trump Election Last week’s election threw the world into a chaotic tail spin and now it seems Facebook is being questioned. While Facebook’s news feed ranking is guided by data, there are reports that Facebook killed an update to remove fake news from its feed because it affected right wing politics. This fake news, with a right wing slant, had the ability to reach over 150 million Facebook users in the…

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Stories Behind the Apps – Slash Chord

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Stories Behind the Apps – Trivios

Tell us about being triVios! triVios can be summed up very simply; It’s a real-time trivia game that allows players to win awesome prizes by playing one of four unique trivia game modes.  Players can also engage socially via … Read More

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Switching from iOS to Android


Thinking of switching from iOS to Android? This post will help by addressing some of the areas of hesitation or concern, particularly as it relates to the new iOS continuity announcements. Those before you who have made the … Read More


4 Surprising Benefits of Being a Cash-Strapped Startup

It’s hard to deny that a little seed money, a line of credit, and a few investors can make starting a company a whole lot easier. Instead of setting your sights on securing funds, you can focus on the things … Read More

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A Year of Stories Behind the Apps

Whew, it has been a year since we launched our Stories Behind the Apps feature and what an amazing journey it has been. We realized early on that powersylde is powered by people. It is this authenticity that fuels our app … Read More

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Stories Behind the Apps – WittyLater

Tell us about being WittyLater! WittyLater was the natural choice for our inaugural app. It perfectly demonstrates our sense of humour, it allows us to use unusual words like “jape”, and it even let us make up a word (kaflabble) when we … Read …

Stories Behind the Apps – Sudoku in Space

Tell us about your game! Sudoku In Space launches the classic paper-and-pencil game into orbit with its sleek design and stellar graphics and sounds. Its colors-only mode is a brilliant alternative to the traditional sudoku with numbers, providing an …

Stories Behind the Apps: Galaxy Dash

Tell us about your game! We have recently released our debut title called Galaxy Dash: Race to the Outer Run. Galaxy Dash combines the excitement of an endless runner with the thrill of space combat! In the game you play as a star … Read More