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Magic Wand Flashlight

This year for Halloween my son wanted to be a wizard. To go with his costume, I made him a flashlight wand that’s turned on with a magnetic reed switch.
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Make a Stylish Flashlight Out of Kitchen Trash

You could call it a trashlight, a handy and handsome AA flashlight made out of little more than a soda can and a cereal box (plus a bulb and two AA batteries). Before you say anything, yes, of course you can buy super-cheap penlights like this. But tha…

New Project: Emergency Lighting System

I am going to show you how to build a DIY emergency lighting system that will automatically turn on when the power goes out
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New Project: Million Color HSL Flashlight

Bring fun back to the flashlight with Arduino and full-color NeoPixel LEDs. Just twiddle the knobs and dial up any hue, saturation, and light level to create millions of colors — and 10 fun flashlight modes to play with.
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New Project: Build an Easy, Versatile Magnetic Flashlight Tripod

When I discovered my Stanley Tripod flashlight had a battery acid leak, it was, unfortunately, exactly when I needed a tripod flashlight the most — for fixing a leak under my sink. I went to my flashlight drawer and realized I already have plenty of …

Give Dead Batteries Another Life with the Vampire Flashlight

The Vampire Flashlight combines the popular Joule Thief hobby circuit with a few common components to power “high flux” LEDs with batteries considered “dead” for most applications. Watch how with this latest episode of Weekend Projects!Read more on MAK…

How to Make a Flashlight From Scratch

Making your own flashlight can seem like an intimidating project, and the examples online of custom, lathe-turned titanium-bodied flashlights don’t help with that impression. However, making a basic but functional flashlight doesn’t have to…

New Project: Vampire Flashlight

A single fully-charged AA battery is incapable of powering high-flux LEDs. However with the aid of a toroid, bipolar NPN transistor, and the popular Joule Thief circuit, you can even turn “dead” batteries into a capable flashlight power source.Read mor…

New Review: Energizer LED Lanterns Use Diffusion to Bright Effect

I had the chance to check out three new portable lighting products from Energizer, and color me intrigued.Read more on MAKE

Energizer LED Lanterns Use Diffusion to Bright Effect

We take a look at three new portable LED lanterns with an interesting way of shining their light.Read more on MAKE