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A Citizen IoT Network for Makers has Formed in San Francisco

Noodle! Coins uses low power Bluetooth to crowdsource connectivity for maker devices at a radically cheap price.
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6 Tools Entrepreneurs Must Master to Succeed in an Accelerating World

Being an entrepreneur today is vastly different than it was 20 years ago. Today, each of us has access to more capital, more technological tools, more information, more talent, and more computational power than the CEOs of the world’s biggest companies did just two decades ago. As I think about what it takes to succeed […]

How Microfactories Can Bring Iterative Manufacturing to the Masses

Humans manufacture a mind-numbing amount of stuff each year—ever wonder how we do it? In the past 100 or more years, it’s been all about economies of scale. This means you should make a lot of a thing because the more you make, the more your fixed expenses get spread out. This reduces the cost of each unit, from light bulbs to iPhones. Here’s the problem. It’s expensive to do a big manufacturing run. So, how do you know what to make in the first place? Often, it’s an educated guess based on prototypes and limited feedback, but you don’t really… read more

Quirky Files for Bankruptcy, Puts Smart-Home Line Up For Auction

After a troublesome few months, Quirky has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy
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You Have a Notification: Welcome to the 24/7 Work Culture

Netflix recently announced an unlimited paid-leave policy that allows employees to take off as much time as they want during the first year after a child’s birth or adoption. It… read more
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This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Jun 6)

ROBOTS: Meet the New Generation of Robots for Manufacturing James Hagerty | Wall Street Journal “Another big trend at work: The Renault robots are ‘collaborative,’ designed to work in proximity to people…. read more
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InMoov, The Crowdsourced Robotic Future Returns to Maker Faire

For decades, humans have imagined, even come to expect, life-size humanoid robots in their future. The sober truth is that such robots are extraordinarily complex mechanically, the intelligence to reliably bring them to life is still outside our grasp,…

Crowdfunding’s Continued Maturity Is Empowering Entrepreneurs Like Never Before

One of the core ideas in my latest book Bold is that today, for the first time in history, entrepreneurs have the ability to take on grand, world-changing projects—the kinds that… read more

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Will Revolutionize Transportation, But That’s Only The Beginning Of The Change It’ll Bring

San Francisco to Los Angeles in 35 minutes flat—that was the dream of the Hyperloop. Back in 2013, Elon Musk introduced the world to this dream a 60 page white… read more

I’m Happy to Burst Your Bubble: Multiplayer Audience Interaction via Mobile Web

Cloud-based carnival game brings crowds together for collaborative play. Read more on MAKE