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Learn How To Read Capacitors

Engineering.com recently released a great guide for reading markings on capacitors. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already!
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Projects with Ryan Slaugh: Simple Amplifier

Building upon my last video, I’ve decided to make a simple circuit using some op-amps.  One is the general op-amp LM741. The other is a specific op-amp, LM386, that is designed for audio amplification. This circuit can be used to amplify microph…

Projects With Ryan Slaugh: Helpful Circuits

In this video, I will show you a few of my most used helpful circuits. They involve using the 555 timer and the Operational Amplifier.Read more on MAKE

Clock Uses Capacitors To Store Energy and Mark Time

Polish maker Nereus built this great solar clock that features twelve sets of capacitors salvaged from electronic junk, serving both as energy storage as well as a decorative element.Read more on MAKE

How to Make a Capacitor From Scrap Aluminum

Jezan needed a variable capacitor for a project. Not having one, he created one out of scrap aluminum.Read more on MAKE

Ultracapacitor Experiments

Jesse Holleran’s quirky video demonstrates a bunch of experiments he did with a 3,000-farad capacitor, including welding two pieces of metal together melting a paper clip, and electrolyzing water into oxygen and hydrogen. Read more on MAKE

MAKE Presents: The Capacitor

Collin Cunningham provides an elegant description of capacitors, including early caps called Leyden jars.Read more on MAKE

SMD Capacitance Hack

Akiba of Freaklabs, a Tokyo-based open-source electronics kitmaker, needed to add some 0805 surface-mount capacitors to an existing PCB, so he stacked them up! super ghetto bulk capacitance hack. my RF amp is more power hungry than i expected… Se…

Super Capacitor Pyrotechnics

Getting into the 4th of July, let’s check out some sparks that fly from ultracapacitors! Read more on MAKE

Component of the Month: The Capacitor

I’m super excited for this month’s component: the capacitor! It’s an electronic component that stores a small amount of energy in an electrical field. Caps make up a very diverse family of components! As usual, we start off our coverage with an excerpt…