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Why Email Is Broken—and What Will Replace It

If you need to communicate something important to a friend, do you call? Visit? Email? Text? Skype? WhatsApp? Snap? Tweet? Message on Facebook or LinkedIn? How we communicate in exponential… read more
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Beyond Email: The Case for the Ideal Business Messaging App

Email sucks. However, as much as people hate it, it is still effective. It is a decades old medium that serves a very simple purpose. Sending a message to another person anywhere, anytime, and on any subject.
They can … Read More

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The Ins and Outs of Trigger Campaigns

What’s the first thing you do after placing an online shopping order?
Most of us hop into our personal email as quickly as possible and wait for the ever satisfying “Thank You for Your Order” email to pop up. … Read More

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The Most Badass Addition to Power up Your Inbox: Multi-Account Support

It’s now 8 months since the Mailbird beta launch and, already, thousands of new users join the beta program every week, predominantly coming from the U.S. and Europe, and a few in Asia. And here is one thing that will … Read More

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Limitations of Securing Email With PGP

PGP, (pretty good privacy) technology has been used to secure email communications since the early ‘90s.  Available both as freeware and commercially, PGP is the most widely used privacy-ensuring tool by both individuals and corporations.

More Messages, More Problems: How Businesses Can Send Fewer, Better Messages

1) Consumers suffer from message overload — and a lot of the messages we get are annoying and irrelevant.
2) This is not just a problem for consumers to deal with — it’s a problem for businesses. … Read More
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