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Emerging Markets Lead the Way to Cheapest-Ever Solar Energy

Energy experts have long predicted we’d eventually shift from fossil fuels to clean energy. They were right, but there have been a few surprises along the way. The shift is happening faster than anyone thought it would, particularly in solar energy. Solar is now the cheapest form of new electricity there is. And an unexpected […]

The Internet of Things Has Arrived — Here’s How Your Company Can Succeed

 For success in a market that’s changing our everyday lives, you have to know how both sides of the Internet of Things must work together for users.
At its annual 2011 developer conference, Google announced it had developed Android@Home. The …

Traditional Industries Are Being Upended by Apps

It isn’t news to anyone that we live in a mobile world now. Over half of adult Americans own smartphones, and the desktop business has been steadily declining as tablets and phones continue their ascent. As consumers, we have spoken: Our world … …

Is Asia Ready for a Sharing Economy?

Borrowing can be better than buying. Access can be more important than ownership. The rapidly rising number of global converts to the “sharing economy” suggests that temporary hires, peer-to-peer rentals, and other forms of “collaborative consump…

TechCrunch Disrupts Battlefield Winner Announced!

On the final day of TechCrunch Disrupts, the final six startups duked it out in the Startup Battlefield—they were: Regalii, Ossia, Fates Forever, SoilIQ, Dryft, and Layer. Each of these teams took part in the Startup Battlefield earlier on against …..

Top Startup and Tech News Today-7 Things You Missed Today

1. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on NSA Leaks: “The Government Blew It”
Mark Zuckerberg offered his outraged opinion when questioned about his thoughts on the fact that government is asking internet companies for user information. He sa…

Top Startup and Tech News Today-7 Things You Missed Today

1. How eBay Could Rescue Bitcoin From the Feds
Bitcoin exchanges have run into a hurdle in the form of the U.S. banks. There are questions about whether or not they “meet federal and state money transmission business regulations.” While ….

Everybody Has An Idea

Everybody has an idea,but very few people understand the process of taking that idea and bringing it to market. Here at Miproto, we see it every day. There are many ways to go about launching a product.
Not every … Read More
The post Everybo…

Tech & Startups: Top 7 Things You Missed Today

Tech & Startups:  Top 7 News Items From Across the Web July 29th, 2013 Tech Giants Beware! $35.1 B Merger creates World’s Biggest Advertising Agency
Omnicom and Publicis are merging to create the world’s biggest advertising … R…

Stop Ignoring Your Audience in the Emerging Markets

Our headquarters are located in Estonia, which is a country with 1.3 million people. This country is roughly the size of New Hampshire. Testing products in Estonia is mostly fruitless – the sample size is small enough to be statistically … Read…