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The Feel-Good Switch: The Radical Future of Emotion

For most of the last century, the study of emotions was not considered serious science. The problem was subjectivity. Science is objective, rigorously objective. Emotions, though, are internal states, so… read more

This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Dec 20)

As this is the last curation post of the year, I want to extend our team’s thanks and appreciation to readers of Singularity Hub. Your support has allowed us to continue… read more

4 Web Sites with Technical Information for Business Executives

My researchers keep track of useful Web sites. As Bing and Google shift from “search” to other information interests, having a library card catalog of Web information resources becomes more important. I want to highlight five “search” services …

Easily Get Your Open Source Framework Onto Openstack

The number of open source frameworks that are available today is continuously growing at an enormous pace with over 1 million unique open source projects today, as indicated in a recent survey by Black Duck.

The availability … Read…

CAPTCHA is Dead, Long Live…

Even before news that the startup Vicarious has found a way to crack CAPTCHA at least 90% of the time, CAPTCHA was broken. Not only that, it is a tedious and increasingly frustrating task. A UCSD study calculates that the … Read More

Visit CitizenTe…

How Relational Databases Could Ruin Christmas

As you know, a bad user experience on Cyber Monday can cause users to abandon an eCommerce site faster than during non-seasonal online shopping, resulting in massive revenue loss. The average revenue loss of just few hours shutdown during Cyber … Rea…

The Software Defined Hype Cycle

Wherever you look, there are clouds. Across every horizon, in every datacenter, a cloud of a public or private nature is found. The use of Cloud as a marketing term has peaked.  As the Cloud hype cycle fades, a new … Read More
The post The Software …

Facebook’s vs Twitter’s Approach to Real-Time Analytics

Last year, Twitter and Facebook have released new versions of their real-time analytics systems.
In both cases, the motivation was relatively similar — they wanted to provide their customers with better insights on the performance and effect…

TechCrunch Disrupts Battlefield Winner Announced!

On the final day of TechCrunch Disrupts, the final six startups duked it out in the Startup Battlefield—they were: Regalii, Ossia, Fates Forever, SoilIQ, Dryft, and Layer. Each of these teams took part in the Startup Battlefield earlier on against …..

Mac or PC or Linux? It Doesn’t Matter

When you look around at all the software that’s being written afresh nowadays- without any legacy whatsoever, you’ll notice something – the product looks and feels and behaves exactly the same across all your devices and exhibits the …