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Robotics | IoT

Future ‘Mad Men’ Will Buy Ad Space in Your Dreams

The smaller computers get, the more they invade our personal space (or from another perspective, the more we invite them into it). We’ve gone from lonely industrial age mainframes to pocket computers… read more
The post Future ‘Mad Men&#8217…

How Being Data Driven Helps in Your Content Marketing Efforts

Content marketing is the preferred mode of marketing for many businesses these days. Not only is it very cost-effective when compared to traditional forms of marketing, but also allows brands to use the power of the Internet to increase their market …

6 Online Tools and Tips for Marketing Small Businesses

Stay In Contact With Your Customers Via Email
Sending regular emails to customers is a simple and efficient way to keep customers informed about promotions and build brand loyalty. According to MarketingProfs, 65% of americans claimed to have …

5 Ways to Improve Your App Promotion Efforts

The App Store is a ferociously competitive landscape to promote an app with. With over a million apps on the store, cost per install prices increasing and superstar freemium companies snatching up all the money, getting your app noticed by … Read Mor…

Digital Advertising 101

Ad inventory, ad impressions, fill rate and eCPM are terms that app developers throw around day in and day out. At SponsorPay, we know that the language of digital advertising involves an initial learning curve. In an … Read More

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How Display Advertising Can Aid a Political Campaign

In the eyes of a voter, political campaigns are rarely seen as advertising or marketing campaigns. Yet, that is exactly what they are.
Today, both politicians and PACs widely use traditional media, like TV ads, radio interviews and commercials…

Mobile Advertising is Failing to Reach Its True Potential

  New big data technologies and approaches are enabling mobile targeting and measurement at levels never seen before, yet the industry continues to hesitate
“Mobile is everything for us in 2013.” That’s what the Chief Marketing Officer at a lar…