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Hacking Our Senses Will Transform How We Experience the World

For millennia the human experience has been governed by five senses, but advances in neuroscience and technology may soon give us a far broader perspective. What counts as a sense in the first place is not clear cut. Sight, hearing, taste, smell, and t…

The Next Wearable Technology Could Be Your Skin

Technology can be awkward. Our pockets are weighed down with ever-larger smartphones that are a pain to pull out when we’re in a rush. And attempts to make our devices more easily accessible with smartwatches have so far fallen flat. But what if a part of your body could become your computer, with a screen on your arm and maybe even a direct link to your brain? Artificial electronic skin (e-skin) could one day make… read more

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through May 28th)

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: It’s Too Late—We’ve Already Taught AI to Be Racist and Sexist Jordan Pearson | Motherboard ” ‘To some extent, you can think about the AI as a human child,’ Clune said. ‘You don’t want a child to hang out with racist or discriminatory people, because it will parrot those sentences and predispositions.’ It’s inevitable that AI, just like a real human, will eventually be exposed to some very bad ideas, intentionally or not. It needs to be taught how to ignore them.” LONGEVITY: The Immortality Hype Adam Piore | Nautilus “In the months and years ahead, the scientific progress—and hype—around aging are… read more

This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through March 12)

ROBOTICS: Deep Learning Helps Robots Perfect Skills KurzweilAI “Deep learning enables the robot to perceive its immediate environment, including the location and movement of its limbs. Reinforcement learning means improving  at a task by trial and error. A robot with these two skills could refine its performance based on real-time feedback.” ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Google and Facebook Team Up to Open Source the Gear Behind Their Empires Cade Metz | Wired “Through the Open Compute Project, Facebook has pushed the rest of the industry forward. And market forces have pushed Google to share its secrets in new ways…Both companies see AI as a… read more

5 More Maker Projects That Freaked People Out

Ahmed Mohamed isn’t the first kid who built something other people didn’t understand. Check out five more Makers who built something “scary.”
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These Thought-Controlled Robotics Are Beating Paralysis and Amputation

In 2012, University of Pittsburgh researchers released a video of Jan Scheuermann feeding herself a bite of chocolate. This, of course, wouldn’t be noteworthy but for one thing: Scheuermann is… read more

Cyborg Superpower: Man Can Hear the Internet

Television, cellphones, radio, WiFi—modern civilization converses in radio waves. Most of us need some kind of device to translate the signals into something we can consume on a screen or… read more

Return of the RoboRoach

We talked about them back in MAKE issue 31, and we also had them on Maker Camp last year as part of our field trip to the NASA Neuroscience Lab, but now they have a Kickstarter project for the first commercially available cyborg.Read the full article o…