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Check Out This Gravity-Defying Robot That Zips Up Vertical Walls

When robots were still largely the domain of science fiction, their most common shape was human (more or less)—two legs, two arms, one head. Now that we’ve actually begun building… read more
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Autonomous Drones Weave a Rope Bridge—and Intrepid Researchers Walk Over It

Earlier this year, we wrote about a project to 3D print a bridge in Amsterdam. Said printer will move along a set of (self-printed) tracks, leaving a fully formed bridge in… read more
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Quiet Cuttlefish Robot Is Highly Maneuverable and Propeller Free

We’ve covered all manner of biologically inspired robots over the years. Turns out nature has had a bit of a jump on us in the engineering department. So, why not… read more

Sand Art Robot Rakes Giant Beach Sketches

San Francisco artist Andres Amador makes monumental designs on the beach with naught but a rake and some wet sand. He’s mindblowingly good at sand art—but he’s got competition. A… read more

Disney’s Exquisite Digital Eyes Bring Avatars to Life

When you meet someone, where does your gaze first fall? Usually, you’ll find you look for their eyes. And maybe this is partly why some digital characters can seem alien—their… read more