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You Can’t Touch This! Arduino Yún Alarm System

The purpose is clear. You don’t want your kids to steal your food from the cupboard, or from the fridge, or someone to open your locker. Or maybe you want to take pictures of your pet stealing food. Or maybe you are Dwight Schrute and you want to…

This Backlit Display is Like a Word Clock for Weather

Riffing off of the word clock idea, this Maker created a backlit display for the local weather forecast.
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LED Shirt Lights Up When You’re Bombarded by Bluetooth

As more and more of our technology becomes automatic, wireless, invisible, and connected, it simultaneously has a greater potential to slip from our immediate attention. Matt Martin, a Masters student at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand…

New Project: Arduino Yún Motion-Trigger Trespasser Camera

Hide the device in the cupboard or fridge, and when the it detects movement, it will take a picture and post it right to your email! And if you use IFTTT, then you can automatically post the picture of the thief to Facebook, Twitter and show the thief’…

New Project: Smart Remote Control

Combine the Arduino Yún with a simple solderless breadboard circuit to create a homemade ‘universal’ remote control that you can navigate with your laptop or smartphone.Read more on MAKE

Never Forget to Set an Alarm. Because This Alarm Clock Sets Itself!

Built with the Arduino Yún and using Temboo’s online services, the SMART Alarm Clock automatically sets alarms based on Google Calendar events. And if you act quick and design an enclosure for this project you could win a Maker’s Notebook!Read more on…

New Project: S.M.A.R.T. Alarm Clock

Combine the Arduino Yún with a TFT Touch Shield to assemble a homemade alarm clock that automatically sets alarms based on calendar events and even emails with the correct code word. And it looks cool too!Read more on MAKE

Learn About the Arduino Yún

In this video from last September’s Maker Faire New York, Michael Shiloh describes the very cool Arduino Yún. Read more on MAKE

The Arduino Yún: Now Available at Maker Faire

The Arduino Yún is available for the first time for sale in the United States, in the Maker Shed here at Maker Faire in New York. Read more on MAKE

The Arduino Yún 云 is Now Available

Announced earlier in the year at Maker Faire Bay Area the Arduino Yún, the first Linux-based Arduino board, is now available for purchase at a cost of €52 (approximately $69) from the Arduino store.Read more on MAKE