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The Internet Allowed Us to Learn Anything—VR Will Let Us Experience Everything

I have something to admit—to this day, I’m in awe of Wikipedia. Humanity has created a massive repository of our knowledge available for free to anyone with an Internet connection…. read more
The post The Internet Allowed Us to Learn Anything—…

This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Jun 13)

ROBOTICS: China’s Troubling Robot Revolution Martin Ford | The New York Times “Automation has already had a substantial impact on Chinese factory employment: Between 1995 and 2002 about 16 million factory… read more
The post This Week’s Aw…

What’s Wrong With Online Education—and How to Fix It

There are many things right with online education—like the plethora of free and easily accessible content developed by Udacity, Coursera and others. In particular, online education excels at teaching while using… read more

What I saw in the 100,000 student classroom

“People who want to disrupt higher education don’t care one whit about the quality of higher education”. – Jonathon Rees
Jonathan Rees is not alone in saying such a thing. There have been many “concerned professors&#8…