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Watch the Highlights from Detroit Maker Faire

PPPRS, astronauts, theremins, circuits… man you missed out if you didn’t go to Maker Faire Detroit… JK! Watch the highlights now.
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Where Do Giant Robots, Modified Lawnmowers, Adaptive Art Tools, and Thereminists Go?

Maker Faire Detroit comes to town this weekend at The Henry Ford Museum. Come meet hundreds of makers, including MegaBots creators, a thereminist, a gang of lawnmowers, and an artistic accessibility hacker.
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Check Out These 5 Racetracks from the Motor City Maker Faire

The Motor City Maker Faire had 5 different race tracks to see. This included drones and the hugely popular Power Racing Series.
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The Physics of the Latest Record-Breaking Hot Wheels Loop

DETROIT–When you are trying to send Hot Wheels cars through a giant loop, you can tell you’re getting a good run by the sound. If it’s consistent and quiet, like a drop of water sizzling on a hot skillet, you’re got a shot to make the loop….

10 Things You Don’t Want to Miss at Maker Faire Detroit

Maker Faire Detroit is heading into its sixth year this weekend. With over 2,000 Maker exhibits, there’s a lot going on. Here’s what to see!
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Red Bull Creation Detroit: Recreating The Wheel

If you’re reading Make:, there’s a pretty good chance you build stuff. It may be little stuff, it may be big stuff, but you are probably a maker of things. The Red Bull Creation event is, for many of us, like an insane and wonderful vacatio…

Meet Detroit Maker Carlos Neilbock

If you went to Maker Faire Detroit or looked at pictures of almost anyone who attended, then you have glimpsed Carlos Neilbock’s work. His first piece was prominently installed and towering — a large windmill made from discarded items including a c…

Maker Faire Detroit: Day Two

Maker Faire Detroit was hopping on the second and final day of the Faire.  There was so much to see and do that today’s installment of images is just shy of double the number from Day One. No matter how many images you look at there is no substitute f…

Maker Faire Detroit: Day One

The Henry Ford is once again the host for the 4th annual Maker Faire Detroit. The combination of Detroit’s rich history as a city that made almost everything plus makers from all over the Midwestern United States and Southern Canada yields an exciteme…

Maker Shed is Ready to Rock at Maker Faire Detroit

The Shed team has landed in Detroit, and we’ve brought dozens of great products with us. We’re right in front of the Henry Ford museum near the Power Racing Series track, in a massive tent that’s very hard to miss. We have everything from 3D Printers a…