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How to Make a Zener Diode Shunt Regulator

Instructables user Kurt E. Clother shows how to make a shunt regulator out of a Zener diode.
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Seven-Segment Matrix

June’s Component of the Month is the diode, and a 7-segment display actually consists of seven light-emitting diodes! So, why not matrix them up? Skot Croshere built a matrix out of 512 7-segment displays: he calls it the DigitGrid: The DigitGrid…

Make a Solar Panel Using Diodes

A diode made from a semiconductor can generate electricity in the presence of light. Instructables user nevdull shows how to generate a modest amount of power by arranging four 1N4148 diodes in parallel.

Component of the Month: LEDs and Diodes

We kick off June with an excerpt from Syuzi Pakhchyan’s excellent resource for wearable tech, Fashioning Technology. Want to learn more about LEDs and diodes? We’ll be covering them all this month.Read the full article on MAKE