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Cut Electroluminescent Panels into Custom Light-Up Shapes

You can make custom light-up shapes with some scissors and an electroluminescent panel. Put a pin on the back for a flashy new accessory.
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Give ‘Em a Sign: Write Your Note in Light

Using electroluminescent wire, a.k.a. EL wire, is a fun and easy way to incorporate battery powered lighting in your craft projects. If you’ve been meaning to try this material out but have been intimidated to work with electronics, Meg Allan Co…

Lumecluster “Nightmare” Mask Lives up to Its Name

If the picture seen above doesn’t scare you, or at least freak you out a little, the videos at the end of this post should do the trick. As seen on 3Dprint.com, Melisa Ng has come up with a 3D printed mask that I hope doesn’t show up in my …

How-To: Electroluminescent Chuck Taylors

More wearables goodness from Becky over at Adafruit. Folks have been crowing about the advent of wearable electronics for a long time, of course, and while it’s easy for prognosticators and futurists to predict these things in theory, it takes folks li…