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Goodyear’s Awesome New Spherical Tire Design For Autonomous Cars

What will the cars of the future be like? It’s fun to imagine how new technologies and design trends will influence future cars. Car bodies of the future might be completely 3D printed. They may be completely autonomous — and now, they might have multi-directional spherical tires. Goodyear’s new “Eagle-360” spherical tire concept, recently unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show, would allow cars of the future to move in all directions by using magnetic levitation, rather than axles, to suspend the tires under the car body. While this is still firmly a concept, it seems Goodyear just got a bit… read more

Check Out This Gravity-Defying Robot That Zips Up Vertical Walls

When robots were still largely the domain of science fiction, their most common shape was human (more or less)—two legs, two arms, one head. Now that we’ve actually begun building… read more
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How Artificial Immune Systems May Be the Future of Cybersecurity

2015 was a year of jaw-dropping hacks. From CIA director John Brennan’s private email to Sony Inc, from the IRS to CVS, from Target to the notorious Ashley Madison, millions… read more
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Watch Tiny Gecko Robots Haul Loads Up to 2,000 Times Their Own Weight

Biologically inspired gecko-bots? They aren’t as rare as you might imagine. We’ve been covering them since 2009, and they’ve existed since at least 2006. That said, the latest generation, out of… read more

These Mesmerizing, Morphing Chandeliers Move Like Jellyfish

This project transforms overhead lighting into kinetic sculptures. Studio Drift, an art and design studio in Amsterdam, has created the silken, flowery “Shylights.” When raised to the ceiling these lights are retracted in their cocoon-like containe…

Quiet Cuttlefish Robot Is Highly Maneuverable and Propeller Free

We’ve covered all manner of biologically inspired robots over the years. Turns out nature has had a bit of a jump on us in the engineering department. So, why not… read more

A Toolkit for Learning About Biomimicry

Explore the lectures, videos, exercises, case studies, and other resources included in the toolkit.Read more on MAKE