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Robotics | IoT

3D printing: Is the law ready for the future?

Three dimensional printing turns bits into atoms. The technology is simply amazing. These machines draw on programming, art and engineering to enable people to design and build intricate, beautiful, functional jewelry, machine parts, toys and even sho… Continue reading

Maker Faire overview

It’s impossible to see everything at Maker Faire but I tried. I was exhibiting with my hackerspace Robot Garden and had the pleasure of being both a participant and a spectator. This was the 8th annual Maker Faire and it’s grown from 18,… Continue reading

Academic and industry collaboration (Part 3): Interview with Minoru Asada

  Established experts in the field of robotics were recently interviewed by a group of scientists from the ECHORD project at Technische Universität München. Motivated by the fact that industry-academia collaborations in robotics are still limited, they wanted to know … Continue reading

Countdown to Maker Faire

I’m setting up at Maker Faire (a new robotics hackerspace and accelerator) and hope you’ll all come see Robot Garden @ iGate in Booth #2675 in Expo Hall. We might not be able to report back cause we’re giving presentations and havi… Continue reading