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Backing Out of a Kickstarter Doesn’t Have to Leave Funders Hanging

Backers of the castAR Kickstarter won’t be left empty-handed even as castAR backs out of their campaign pledges.
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CastAR Raises $15 Million for Augmented Gaming

Jeri Ellsworth talks about what CastAR will do with $15 million in new funding.
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Pinball Wizard, Race Car Driver, Self-Taught Engineer: Jeri Ellsworth

Jeri is a truly amazing person, who any aspiring engineer or technical entrepreneur can look up to. A self-taught hardware designer, Jeri has created products, hacked hardware, and shared her knowledge with the maker community for years. Her latest ven…

castAR Augmented Reality Opens Crowdfunding Campaign

castAR is a new crowdfunded augmented reality system built by Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson.Read more on MAKE

Jeri Ellsworth Unveils Augmented Reality CastAR at Maker Faire

Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson and formed the company Technical Illusions to launch a new product that brings augmented reality to you via a pair of high-tech glasses. The product, called CastAR, was unveiled at Maker Faire Bay Area this weekend. Unli…