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New Project: The Internet of Bees: Adding Sensors to Monitor Hive Health

Learn how to pull realtime sensor data from a beehive to monitor its weight, temperature, and humidity over the internet.
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New Project: Create a Smart Beer Fridge with a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to remotely monitor your beer fridge on the web using a Raspberry Pi computer and a Nintendo Wii balance board.
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Digistump Announces Partnership with Particle’s IoT Cloud

Digistump has recently announced a partnership with Particle over cloud infrastructure that may well be a signal that the diasporan expansion in microcontroller market may be coming to an end.
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Control an Arduino with Your Smartphone via Blynk

Blynk is a new platform that allows you to build interfaces for controlling and monitoring your projects from your iOS and Android device.
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LittleBits New CloudBit Module Simplifies Internet-Controlled Projects

littleBits formally released their CloudBit module today — and announced a retail partnership with RadioShack that further expands the sales reach of the growing company.Read more on MAKE

Do Small Businesses Have A Need For ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP as it is commonly called, has been an enterprise-level product for several years. This is not very surprising considering that an average ERP deployment costs anywhere between $100,000 to $750,000 – not accounting…

6 Monitoring Capabilities Ops Needs to Consider in Virtualized and Cloud Environments

Application Performance Management (APM) have existed in their modern form since 1996, when Wily founded the business of monitoring custom developed Java applications in production. Today, many people still think of APM as just a solution for these cus…

5 Trends Driving Business Communications

The intersection of mobility, cloud, and increasingly fast network speeds will continue to shape communications this year. As businesses seek to better compete, integrate decentralized workforces, and enhance client satisfaction, advanced cloud technol…

The Cloud has Precipitated a Sea-Change in Enterprise Data Management

As a recent article on Wikibon notes, the changes wrought by the cloud, Big Data, and the advent of technologies like MongoDB and Hadoop are hitting traditional database vendors hard.
While Oracle and its competitors are still forces to … Re…

Cloud Operations Analytics Improve IT Efficiency

We hear a lot about the benefits that big data and cloud platforms can bring to businesses.
The ability to collect and process vast amounts of information gives enterprises the power to engage with the real world in ways … Read More

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