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New Project: Scare Trick or Treaters with an Animatronic Skull Candy Jar

This animatronic skull is a perfect Halloween project. It detects when you approach and responds with sound, movement, and animated LED eyes.
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Animatronics Kits for Learning

I just stumbled across the Star★Bot animatronic platform kit out of the community of makers in Florida. It’s designed for kids to “create animatronic robots and learn microcontrollers, mechanics and papercraft.” Its Kickstarter campaign ends in a few…

Close Encounters of the T-Rex Kind

The Maker Faire Bay Area brings in Makers from around the world, like 15 year-old Gabriel Diaz Yanten, who is coming all the way from Chile along with his animatronic dinosaur puppet, Anacleto. Anacelto is a 12.8 feet tall and 8.2 feet long T-Rex that …