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It’s On! Giant Robot Duel Kickstarted—Time to Build a Sweet Mecha

To call MegaBots audacious is a bit of an understatement. Not too long ago, the robotics company challenged Japan to a giant robot duel. Sure, it was cheeky to wear aviators and… read more
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Will These Giant Robots Do Battle? American MegaBot Challenges Japan’s Kuratas Mecha

Two proud countries, two extraordinary warriors…one title. Just like Rocky IV. Only instead of Sly and Dolph, substitute a 15-foot, 6-ton American robot going toe-to-toe with a 12.5-foot, 5-ton Japanese… read more
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Annika O’Brien Plays with Giant Robots

Annika O’Brien works full time making cool robots. She also founded the popular LA Robotics Club, which has over 1,200 members including high school students, hobbyists and professionals who share an interest in building robots. The club meets in real …