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Disposable Delivery Drones Undergo Successful Tests With U.S. Marines

These gliders fly autonomously or via radio control to deliver supplies, and then are left where they land

In ‘Killer Robots’ debate, Japan shuns fully automated arms

Japan’s ambassador to the United Nations-backed Conference on Disarmament says his country has not developed fully autonomous weapons systems and has no plans to do so.

GITAI Partners With JAXA to Send Telepresence Robots to Space

The founder and CEO of SCHAFT joins space robotics startup GITAI to develop telepresence robots

Which Development Board Is Right For Your Project? A Quick Guide

Having trouble figuring out just which dev board to choose for your next project? Well, the hard truth is that there is no easy answer. There are simply so many options out there and multiple ones will likely work for the idea you have. Angela Melick h…

Robotic Dreams, Robotic Realities: Why Is It So Hard to Build Profitable Robot Companies?

Roboticists need to discuss openly and honestly not only our successes but also our failures

A Crowd of Computer Scientists Lined Up for Bill Gates—But it Was Gavin Newsom That Got Them Buzzing

California Governor Gavin Newsom wows a crowd of distinguished computer scientists, educators, and other Silicon Valley luminaries at Stanford Human-Centered AI symposium

Watch This Robot Snake Climb Vertical Walls

…as for its wall-climbing abilities, I got a one-word response: “Magnets.”
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More robots, more work

Robots will take over all jobs, so it is often thought. On the contrary, say Charissa Freese and Ton Wilthagen: robots will create jobs. It’s just that these new jobs will be different, and the challenge is to anticipate which jobs will disappear, whic…

Robot arms with the flexibility of an elephant’s trunk

Unlike conventional robot arms with hinged and swivel joints, new flexible arms being developed by Professor Stefan Seelecke and his research group at Saarland University are constructed using muscles made from shape-memory wires that have the ability …