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The Smart Mattress is the #1 Must-Have Smart Home Addition

We spend most of our time in the home sleeping. Annually, the numbers add up to almost 2,920 hours of nocturnal rest. Which is why if you’re looking to enter the smart home market, a smart mattress may be the most practical way to experiment with sensors and trackers. On the most basic level, a smart mattress should help you control temperature and provide insights into a better night sleep. The goal, however, should be luxury. Which is why CitizenTekk was impressed with the capabilities of…

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Amateur Scientists Will Love Science Journal, Google’s New App

We got a closer look at the new Science Journal AppSo many of your phones sensors are hidden or hard to access, but Science Journal, the new Android App from Google, makes it easy to use them.

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Stories Behind the Apps – Slash Chord

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Stories Behind the Apps – Trivios

Tell us about being triVios! triVios can be summed up very simply; It’s a real-time trivia game that allows players to win awesome prizes by playing one of four unique trivia game modes.  Players can also engage socially via … Read More

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Switching from iOS to Android


Thinking of switching from iOS to Android? This post will help by addressing some of the areas of hesitation or concern, particularly as it relates to the new iOS continuity announcements. Those before you who have made the … Read More


A Year of Stories Behind the Apps

Whew, it has been a year since we launched our Stories Behind the Apps feature and what an amazing journey it has been. We realized early on that powersylde is powered by people. It is this authenticity that fuels our app … Read More

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Stories Behind the Apps – WittyLater

Tell us about being WittyLater! WittyLater was the natural choice for our inaugural app. It perfectly demonstrates our sense of humour, it allows us to use unusual words like “jape”, and it even let us make up a word (kaflabble) when we … Read …

Stories Behind the Apps – Sudoku in Space

Tell us about your game! Sudoku In Space launches the classic paper-and-pencil game into orbit with its sleek design and stellar graphics and sounds. Its colors-only mode is a brilliant alternative to the traditional sudoku with numbers, providing an …

Stories Behind the Apps – Posture Aware

Tell us about your app! Posture Aware was designed to improve postural awareness and develop new posture habits.  Posture impacts so many facets of our health, like our ability to breath, and how well we age. We really wanted to try … Read More


Stories Behind the Apps – Flock

Tell us about your app! Flock is a messaging app for making group plans. It allows people to let their friends know of casual plans (i.e. “I wanna grab brunch in the East Village this weekend”) and then figure out the … Read More

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