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Long Extinct Species to Be Revived in the Lab With Powerful New Tools

Bringing extinct species back to life isn’t a science fiction fantasy anymore, even if the technology isn’t quite ready for prime time. The newest buzz around the topic of de-extinction is actually a revival of an ongoing effort to return the woolly mammoth to the steppes of Siberia. Sort of. Various news media recently reported […]

Big Data Is Helping Us See Environmental Problems in a Whole New Light

You don’t have to be a member of Greenpeace to see that the planet, its ecosystems and its wildlife are under threat. Climate change, deforestation, ocean acidification, pollution—the list of human-caused insults to the environment is long. It’s the classic problem of being unable to see the forest for the trees. However, in the last […]

Build This Water-Saving Toilet Tank Sink

Save water with this stylish homemade toilet tank sink. Why doesn’t every toilet in drought-stricken regions have one of these?
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4 Ways Amateurs Are Advancing Maker-Style Exploration

Makers are reinventing and reimagining the process of discovery with citizen science.
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UAV Design Challenge for Wildlife Conservation

Posting at O’Reilly Animals, Edie Freedman let me know about the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge: build a drone to help stop rhino poaching, and you could win as much as $25,000 and get to fly your drone in Kruger National Park, South Africa.Read m…

Chris Thorpe: 3D Printing the Industrial Revolution

The mainstream news media is awash with speculation that 3D printing is bringing about a second industrial revolution. Whether this is true or not, nowhere is the comparison more apt than with The Flexiscale Company, a small UK startup making 3D models…

Movers and Makers: Kevin Fitzpatrick

Kevin Fitzpatrick both lives and works in his Transit Connect for nearly a quarter of the year. He has extensively modified his vehicle to provide office space, sleeping quarters, storage for gear, a mini-fridge, and even a sink with gray and potable w…